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Bergstrom Law handles Elder Financial Abuse Exclusively

What is Elder Financial Abuse:  The Older Americans Act of 2006 defines elder financial abuse, or financial exploitation, as "the fraudulent or otherwise illegal, unauthorized, or improper act or process of an individual, including a caregiver or fiduciary, that uses the resources of an older individual for monetary or personal benefit, profit, or gain, or that results in depriving an older individual of rightful access to, or use of, benefits, resources, belongings, or assets.

Georgia provides a number of laws that support the victims of elder abuse in Georgia.  There are also stringent punishments against people that commit these actions.  Criminal penalties for financial elderly abuse can cost upwards of 12 months of imprisonment or $1,000 fine or both. 

Why Target the Elderly?

There are several reasons the elderly make an easy target for financial abuse because they have the following characteristics:

     They may be unfamiliar with technology and have problems managing their finances;

     The elderly may be severely debilitated so that they aren't likely to take actions against the perpetrators;

     The elderly may be embarrassed to go to the authorities or tell anyone;

     The elderly person may have a disability that creates dependence on others;

     Older people tend to have more wealth than younger people.

What are the Indicators of Elder Financial Abuse?

These are just of few of the signs that may indicate elder financial abuse:

     A family member who hasn't been involved with the elderly person suddenly becomes interested in their well being;

     The elderly person is coerced to sign powers of attorney or other legal documents they didn't understand;

     Large bank withdrawals or transfers between different accounts that can't be explained;

     There are ATM withdrawals the elderly person could not have made or other unexplained withdrawals;

     Financial arrangements are sketchy and lack documentation;

     The perpetrator shows an inordinate interest in how much money the victim is spending.

     The perpetrator feel like the elderly person's belongings are rightfully theirs, and they stand to inherit money or possessions when the elderly person dies.

Signs of at Risk Seniors:

There are various factors that would put an elderly person at a higher change of experiencing financial abuse.  A few characteristics include:

     They maybe lonely;

     They have lost someone recently;

     They may have mental or physical limitations;

     They maybe unfamiliar with matters dealing with money.

If you suspect an elderly person is being financially abused, contact Bergstrom Law today.

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Bergstrom Law is sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of our elder and/or disabled clients and their families. We understand the difficult issues and situations often associated with Elder Law. Our goal is to lessen the burden in these areas for our clients so that families can regain peace of mind and confidence moving forward.

“We know that the elderly are often preyed upon and become a target to unscrupulous individuals whose primary goal is to take advantage of unsuspecting seniors.”

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