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Kerry Cancro

Kerry Cancro's voice is the first one you will hear when you call Bergstrom Law and you will quickly pick up on the New Jersey accent, even after 20 years in Georgia. Kerry has been a family law paralegal for over 30 years and brings extensive experience to Bergstrom Law. 

There is very little that Kerry hasn't seen over the years and it shows; her sense of humor and compassion for her job and clients is immediately apparent. Her smile and laugh are infectious. Kerry and Blaise have four daughters and live in Hiram. Don't ask her about her commute.

How We're Different

During your initial consultation, our meeting is not focused on how much money we can make or high pressure sales tactics to entice you to retain our services. Our primary goal is to listen to your legal concerns, discuss the nature of your case and let you know how we can help you.