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How Achieving a Higher Level of Consciousness Can Make the Divorce Process Easier, and Less Painful (Part1)

Posted by Marlys Bergstrom | May 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

 “Consciousness has come to mean more than simply being aware.”  To achieve consciousness is to achieve a higher awareness of self.  Now I don't mean the self that is only concerned with “ it's “needs and wants.  No, when I speak of consciousness I speak of an awakening and understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.  And with this awakening comes a sense of peace;   You no longer respond and react to others emotional tirades.  This kind of understanding is the first step and key to living a more purposeful life. 

Once you begin your journey towards a higher level of consciousness, there will be mental and physical changes that accompany you on your path.  I will look at these positive changes and place them into the context of divorce;  how both positive and negative energy affect us and our wellbeing during this stressful event.

  1. You May Notice That You Have A Softer Energy.

As you shift into a higher level of your conscious mind, you begin to let go of all the aggression and anger you once clung to.  You are completely focused on your own inner workings and simply don't have the time for hostility in any form.

Aggression and anger are prominent features in divorce.  And, many people believe they are necessary for a successful divorce.  Anger and aggression are emotions directed towards others but driven by self-loathing and fear.  When we are enveloped in anger we don't see things as they are;  we see them only through a tint of hurt and loneliness.  Where does hurt and loneliness get us?   Nowhere except focusing all of our energy on the target of our anger.   As long as we focus on someone external to us, we subordinate our conscious self.

A softer energy and a receding of anger and aggression allow for a more balanced and a more positive response.  If you are dealing with a spouse who is constantly angry and aggressive, stepping back and not engaging in the ugly attack, immediately disarms them.  Since there is no longer a target,  they are forced to deal with a consciousness that brings all outside influences into reality.  A reality based upon an awareness of self, a reality where solutions can be reached.

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